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studentThis website is specifically for physics students.  It exposes a previously unknown problem with the Work Energy Theorem.  It does this by focusing on the scientific method meaning that faith is not required.   If there is anything you do not agree with, take the time to make sure it is as stated; don't assume this website is wrong or correct.  Discover the truth for yourself, the most important person you know!

This website has a specific sequence designed to illustrate the problem with the Work Energy Theorem.  It begins simply with the "Work Energy Theorem" page.  Click on this link to start an interesting tour of the Work Energy Theorem, a tour by the way that looks behind the usual lessons and exposes the errors and mistakes no one seems to notice.

NOTEThis site could stand a little polishing up to get it up to the standards I expect of myself.  Vistors may or may not notice what I am talking about.  In any event, this website, as is, contains everything you need to know.  If I get the time, I may do the minor updates and remove this note.

Science Teachers, Physics Professors and Physicists


This website is designed for physics students but, if teachers and physicists promise to examine this site as scientists with no agenda other than learning the truth, I waive that requirement. 

Know this, I am under no delusions that physicists will admit I am correct.  I don't expect that those physicists who go through this site will do anything other than seek to defend their education.   I do not believe the current generation of scientists are capable of admiting they were poorly taught by others who had the same misfortune.







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Why did you scroll down to here?   On this page, there is no reason to scroll this far down; on other pages, you might find something informative, amusing, or nothing at all.  You never know what you find when you take the time to look.

The information you need to know begins with the link called the "Work Energy Theorem".  Click on it and go through this website in sequence.