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studentThis website takes students on a guided tour of the Work Energy Theorem by way of the scientific method.  And by applying the scientific method, the Work Energy Theorem will be shown for the sham it is.   At no time will anyone be required to accept anything this site has to offer on faith; visitors are instead encouraged to verify the statements made herein.


The tour officially begins by clicking this link to the "Work Energy Theorem" page.  It begins slowly but, the tour's momentum occasionally increases unexpectedly so, make sure your seatbelt is fastened tight. 

Science Teachers, Physics Professors and Physicists


This website is designed for physics students but, if teachers and physicists promise to examine this site as a scientist, I waive that requirement. 

I don't expect that those physicists who go through this site will do anything other than seek to defend their education.  To such individuals I would like to remind them that they honor Newton and Galileo, two men who were taught "facts" that they later overturned.  If it happened before, it can happen again; welcome to "again".







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Why did you scroll down to here?   On this page, there is no reason to scroll this far down; on other pages, you might find something informative, amusing, or nothing at all.  You never know what you find when you take the time to look.

The information you need to know begins with the link called the "Work Energy Theorem".  Click on it and go through this website in sequence.