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studentThis website takes students on a guided tour of the Work Energy Theorem by way of the scientific method.  This is a full service tour that not only stops at the usual destinations, it also reveals what goes on behind the scenes.  As an added bonus, this tour offers a free gift, a special magnifying glass called "Study Secrets".  If you want it, it's yours; just pick it up whenever you wish. 

The tour officially begins by clicking this link to the "Work Energy Theorem" page.  It begins slowly but, the tour's momentum occasionally increases unexpectedly so, make sure your seatbelt is fastened tight.  You can also find gold if you pay close attention so, take your time since you never know when a nugget will turn up.

Note; this tour has a great deal of information, all of which is important.  Make sure it all sinks in even though there is no test at tour's end. 

Science Teachers, Physics Professors and Physicists


If you know everything there is to know about the Work Energy Theorem, you will not be able to appreciate what this site has to offer.  It is practically impossible to pick up on anything new when you already think that you know it all.  

On the other hand, if you are an expert who is always looking to learn more, welcome.  If you promise to go through this site wearing your hat as a scientist and believe in the scientific method, I waive the requirement that you must be a student to take the tour.    

If you were welcomed, click on this link to the "Work Energy Theorem".  

If you were not welcomed, there are millions of other websites you can visit and to help you find one, click on this link to "Bing".




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Why did you scroll down to here?   On this page, there is no reason to scroll this far down; on other pages, you might find something informative, amusing, or nothing at all.  You never know what you find when you take the time to look.

The information you need to know begins with the link called the "Work Energy Theorem".  Click on it and go through this website in sequence.