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Like all things, our understanding of physics was handed down from earlier generations.  And the usual thing to do is to accept nearly everything as a proven fact.   This is especially true today given the remarkable technical achievements that play a role in our daily lives.  Unfortunately, with universal acceptance of earlier knowledge there is a danger, the danger of being too sure of ourselves when we should not be. 

This website has a specific sequence designed to illustrate an enormous problem with the Work Energy Theorem.   Click on the following link, "Work Energy Theorem", to start an interesting tour and be a witness to history.  Your science teachers and physics professors erred when they accepted the Work Energy Theorem without asking the right questions; don't repeat their mistake!


Science Teachers, Physics Professors and Physicists


This website is designed for physics students but, if teachers and physicists promise to examine this site as scientists with no agenda other than learning the truth, I waive that requirement.  Sadly, experience has taught me that I would be a fool to believe you will do so.  It is far more likely that you will seek to defend your status as an "expert".   The truth is that you were poorly taught by others who had the same misfortune.







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The information you need to know begins with the link called the "Work Energy Theorem".  Click on it and go through this website in sequence.